Lefort Apolline

Responsable d’étude Stratigraphie, Microfacies et Jurassique

TEL +41 (0)32 420 84 61







Master in Palaeontology (Paris Vi-MNHN)PhD in Geosciences (Nancy, France - Stratigraphy and micropalaeontology – Jurassic)

Member of APF, GFEJ, SGF




I am responsible for studying and organising the stratigraphic data obtained during the research excavations undertaken between 2000 and 2012 ahead of the construction of the A16. During this period, more than 100 profiles were documented in the northern part of the Swiss Jura and these will be correlated and compared with published work. Samples were taken at every site, so I am required to analyse and interpret hundreds of thin sections and assemblages of microfossils recovered by sieving and sorting. I must also write at least two catalogues that reunite all the lithostratigraphic (field descriptions, thin sections and chemical analyses) and biostratigraphical data (ammonites, palynology, ostracods, foraminifera, etc.).




Integrated stratigraphy : biostrati-graphic correlations and palaeoenvi-ronmental reconstructions, requiring the interpretation and comparison of geochemical, palaeontological and geological data. Local correlations within the Jura will be compared with established international sequences in terms of sequential stratigraphy.


Jurassic foraminifera: identification of Jurassic benthic foraminifera (Lituolidae, Textularidae etc.) is an essential tool for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions and biostratigraphy.


Climatic, palaeogeographic and palaeobiological conditions linked with the Late Jurassic carbonate platforms are relatively well known, but many questions remain. In particular, how to correlate the boreal and tethysian faunas with preexisting stratigraphic charts. Within these Western European platform environments, what clues can help us to define a GSSP for the Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian boundary?




Laboratory GeoRessources, Université de Lorraine, France-Section Géologie et Paléontologie, Université de Genève, Suisse




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