Pirkenseer Claudius

Responsable d’étude

TEL   +41 (0)32 420 84 63




Diploma in Geology/Palaeontology (Lud-wig-Maximilian-Universität München / DE)

PhD in Cenozoic Micropalaeontology and Stratigraphy (Université de Fribourg / CH)


I am working in close collaboration with my fellow Responsable d’étude Gaëtan Rauber on the intriguingly variable Cainozoic sedimentary system (s.l. called “Jura Molasse”).

My focus is on the determination and interpretation of the diverse micropalaeontological as-semblages.

I am also contributing to the collection management of the Cainozoic fossil material.


Taxonomy and palaeoecology of Caino-zoic Ostracoda (marine to freshwater)

Taxonomy, palaeoecology and biostra-tigraphy of European Cainozoic benthic and planktic Foraminifera

European Cainozoic sedimentary basins,llithostratigraphy,biostratigraphy and palaeogeography

Non-indigenous species in the Mediter-ranean


Prof. Bettina Reichenbacher (LMU, DE)

Prof. Madelaine Böhme (EKU, DE)

Damien Becker (Jurassica, CH)

Bastien Mennecart (LMU, DE)

Jérôme Prieto (LMU, DE)

Claudio Stalder (Univ.de Fribourg/CH)

László Kocsis (Unil-Geopolis, CH)


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PIRKENSEER, C., BERGER, J.-P. & REICHEN-BACHER, B. (2013): The position of the Rupelian/Chattian boundary in the southern Upper Rhine Graben: biostratigraphical and palaeoecologi-cal insights from new records of Charophyta, fish otoliths and Bolboforma. – Swiss Journal of Geo-sciences, 106: 291-301.

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PIRKENSEER, C. (2013): First record of the moray Enchelycore anatina (Muraenidae, Anguilliformes) from the Messinian coast (Peloponnese, Greece). Marine Biodiversity Rec-ords, 6: e135.

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